Who I Am?

My name is Geoffrey Vaughn, otherwise known as Igy.  I was born on April 12, 1992 , on the Subic Bay Military Base in Olongapo, Philippines. But after two months I was brought to San Diego, CA, and was raised there.  I'm currently an 11th grader attending Morse Senior High School.  I have two different families in my life, one being made up of my blood family, and the other made up of my closest friends.  I am really a nice and understanding person if one gets a chance to know me.  When problems outburst I really don't get mixed in it, because drama is not an issue I have in my life.  I'm really down to earth and have respect for other people.  When people are facing struggles in their lives and need a friend, I would always lend a hand if needed.  I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family.  Already at the age of 16, I've experienced so many issues in my life, that makes me who I am today.  Also, I'm at the point in my life where I've realized school is my one way ticket out.  I understand that once you reach a certain age, you will begin to learn that getting an education and preparing for a career in the future is something you shouldn't pass up.  We ALL learn from our mistakes and I now desire to better myself and make a change.  Being a student, and almost finish with my time in high school, I will love to gain more memories before I graduate, that's one short-term goal i have in mind.  My dreams is to become a success in my future life with my family's support right behind me.  I have so many inspirations in my life such as my brother.  During his high school years, he given up and dropped out.  He was pulled into the deceiving lives of that school isn't an importance.  My brother realized he made a mistake that he can't re-do, but still had a chance.  He went to community college and graduated, earning a career as a X-Ray Technician.  I mean if my brother can make if after all the trials he has overcome, I'm sure I can do it as well.  With all this being said, this is a true priority that I will give my best to accomplish because only "I" take control of my future and from there see what it has in store for me.